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As such, there is uncertainty about the implications of this move to the broad Ethereum ecosystem. For one, there are regulatory concerns since the transition means that Ethereum will have become a financial security.

Gary Gensler has already cautioned about this transition. In a statement, Ilya Volkov, the co-founder of YouHonder said that this move will actually be good for Ethereum since it will bring clarity to the industry.

If the U. SEC decides that PoS tokens are considered securities, this will bring some much-needed regulation and clarity to the industry.

invest in ethereum stock

Furthermore, it will actually help the decentralization movement. A record sale of a Beeple NFT created interest in NFTs and Ethereum.

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While brought several bankruptcies of cryptocurrency companies and sent the price of Ethereum lower, it also was the year of another important event for Ethereum with the merge that happened in September. The Ethereum merge took the cryptocurrency from being a proof-of-work, such as Bitcoin, to a proof-of-stake.

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  • Virtual currencies are highly volatile.

The latest update called the Shanghai update is expected to be deployed on April 12, The update will do several things in the evolution to proof-of-stake including allowing validators to withdraw staked Ether.

An investment in the cryptocurrency the year it launched would have generated a strong return for investors.

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While it was harder to invest in Ethereum prior to its inclusion on major cryptocurrency exchanges, investors were able to get the crypto after it launched.

The stock should be watched closely.

invest in ethereum stock

The ultimate guide for first-time investors: How to buy ETHE stock and grow your wealth. For the last week, the stock has had daily average volatility of 7.

invest in ethereum stock

The Grayscale Ethereum Trust ETH stock is overbought on RSI14 and lies in the upper part of the trend. Normally this may pose a good selling opportunity for the short-term trader, but some stocks may go long and hard while being overbought and the RSI is still moving upwards.

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  3. Ethereum is also one of the most traded virtual assets.
  4. Riot Platforms share price has jumped sharply in the past few weeks.

Regardless, the high RSI together with the trend position increases the risk and higher daily movements volatility should be expected. A correction down in the nearby future seems very likely, and it is of great importance that the stock manages to break the trend before that occurs. The RSI14 is 78 and this increases the risk substantially.

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