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For example, one of the quickest and most accessible deposit options is using a bank transfer via Xfers.

Singapore considers tightening cryptocurrency trading by retail investors

Withdraw to local bank account Not all cryptocurrency exchanges allow the withdrawal of SGD to a bank account. However, this is an essential feature for investors aiming to cash out of their investments eventually.

Thankfully, regulated exchanges based in Singapore will have the option to convert crypto back to SGD and withdraw their funds to a bank account. Supported cryptocurrencies Bitcoin is widely available on the vast majority of digital currency platforms. However, thousands of other altcoins and tokens have become popular, so an investor must consider which assets they wish to buy before registering for an exchange. Wallet security The risk of online scams, fraud, and theft is a significant concern in the blockchain community.

As such, it's essential to check the security measures and track record of exchange before registering. Standard security measures include cold wallet storage for client funds, a multi-signature withdrawal process, and two-factor authentication.

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You might consider Libertex if low spreads are important to your trading strategy. Libertex does not charge any spreads. Overnight Financing: You must pay an overnight financing fee for each day you hold a CFD position.

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Platform Fee: Some crypto brokers in Singapore charge a platform fee. That is usually charged as a percentage of the amount you have in your account. However, none of the trading platforms and Singapore discussed today charge a platform fee of any sort.

In addition, the platform may need to convert ringgit into a major currency like USD or GBP. When looking for a platform that meets your needs, you might encounter some fees, so do your homework thoroughly before signing up. Deposit and Withdrawal Fees Before you can trade crypto, you need to fund your account.

Fiat currency deposits are required if you do not already possess digital coins. Even the most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms charge handsomely if you fund your account with a credit or debit card.

Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges In Singapore For 2023

In the case of a high deposit fee, you have to break even. Due to this, we recommend checking out eToro if you're looking for a fiat currency account. The provider charges 0. There is no fee for deposits made in USD. Commission Fees Almost all crypto exchange providers charge a commission, just like stock exchange providers, forex platforms, and CFD providers. Unless you are trading extremely small amounts, a variable commission is multiplied by the trade value.

When buying and selling cryptocurrencies, you are always charged commissions 'per slide,' meaning both purchase and sale fees are charged.

Therefore, the higher your position, the higher your commissions. With eToro, you can buy and sell digital currencies fee-free, except for the trading commission rule. That means you only pay the spread, the difference between the ask and bid price of the crypto asset in question.

Crypto markup: The majority of crypto trading platforms charge a markup fee.

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If you use your debit card overseas, your bank will charge you a foreign exchange fee. For example, in the case of Gemini, Gemini charges a markup of 0. Spreads: Spreads are important to consider when trading less liquid crypto pairs.

These are the differences between the asking and bid prices. To break even, the spread would need to be 0. Margin Fees: Trading crypto requires consideration of margin fees if you want to get leveraged. If you trade with more than you have in your platform account, you will be charged interest. Support for Crypto Trading Robots In recent years, cryptocurrency robots have become increasingly popular.

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You can use the robot to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies on your behalf, one of the main benefits. In addition, a predefined algorithm determines market conditions.

The process works as follows: Third-party crypto robot platform you join It is possible to either buy a pre-programmed robot or build one yourself Through an API code, the robot connects to your preferred crypto trading platform Once that's done, the robot will trade for you You will likely lose money with a crypto robot, so you should first start with a demo account.

Copy Trading eToro's Copy Trading is a good choice if you like the sound of automated crypto trading. Using this method, you can find a crypto trader who uses eToro based on their past performance and average monthly return. Then, in a transparent, regulated environment, you can duplicate the trade like-for-like. Everything you receive is directly related to investing in the trader.

Several reasons make that an excellent choice. First of all, as a human trader, you won't have to worry as much about the individual 'malfunctioning' as a robot would.

  • When you first sign up, and you want to make your crypto purchase, you would be greeted with this nice, simple UI.
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Additionally, human traders are aware of fundamental news developments, whereas trading robots rely only on technical data. Leverage and Short-Selling Investors new to the market tend to invest in cryptocurrencies for the long term. If you are a day trader or swing trader, you should choose a trading platform with sophisticated tools.

On cryptocurrency exchanges like eToro and Kraken, leverage is available. When you boost the value of your position, you can trade with more than what you have on your account. For example, the mentioned crypto trading platforms support short-selling.

That can speculate on a cryptocurrency's value falling in bearish trends. BitTok Crunchbase Website Twitter Facebook Linkedin BitTok is a global and new digital asset smart management platform for storage, transaction, and appreciation. The platform supports services such as digital currency trading and token storage.

It has built an integrated system for digital asset management. The aim is to solve the problems of managing a variety of digital currency exchanges and transactions, such as complicated processes and poor value transmission, to meet the diversified needs of users.

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Autonomy Crunchbase Website Twitter Facebook Linkedin AUTONOMY is creating a blockchain based cloud network allowing self-driving cars to communicate with each-other, with the apps on any smartphone and with the smart city infrastructure. The Autonomy blockchain connects autonomous vehicles to a common platform irrespective of brand, passenger, or owner of the vehicle and ethereum investitionspreis an extremely secure and transparent exchange of information between all vehicles, users and third parties.

We also developed the decision making software for them and connected them to a private blockchain permissioned network. The cars can be requested from a mobile app and they drive to the pickup point, wait for pickup and then to the drop off destination in a private car park or other contained environments.

Our focus is on building the communications layer for the self-driving vehicles of the future and making sure these communications are perfectly encrypted and no car can be hijacked by hackers.


Secure data exchange with these vehicles is our top concern and mission. We have committed important resources by going to the basics on how a self-driving car is built, how its software is written and how it works and understanding how to connect it to a secure network powered by a distributed ledger technology blockchain. We have done a few demos and countless proofs of concepts and are now ready to present our progress with car manufacturers around the world, seeking partnerships and development for various test cases.

We are an experienced team which has been working in the transportation software space for over 7 years and have built multiple mobility and dispatching solutions.

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Contact us to learn more. AppCoins AppCoins is a protocol for the App Economy supported by the Aptoide App Store. Users will be able to buy, sell or store their insurance policies on the blockchain.

This blockchain-powered marketplace will provide a trustless, immutable, auditable and transparent environment to disrupt the status quo. DREP Foundation A decentralized reputation ecosystem made for internet platforms comprising of a public chain and a reputation based protocol.

Crypto Squad Crypto Squad is an easy way to create and manage crypto pools. SignKeys Crunchbase Website Twitter Facebook Linkedin We enable the mass adoption of blockchain to 1.

Understanding cryptocurrency as a Singapore investor

NO OTHER Crypto company has even a single employee listed on the security validation list. Created by experts — SignKeys was founded by experts in Blockchain, Wallet, Military grade Mobile Security and Cryptography with multiple patents.

Individually operating in the field for more than 20 years who are ex-Google, Accenture, Samsung, Credit-Suisse, having the know-how to deliver success at scale. The SignKeys product and solution stems from a personal drive to address current limitations in software-based solutions; most being poor in security as well as the lack of interoperability with blockchain or non-blockchain platforms.

Although there are current hardware-based offerings on USB and Smartcards, they are severely limited in the ability to scale and poor user experience. Chintai Crunchbase Website Twitter Facebook Linkedin Chintai is a B2B regulatory compliant issuance and secondary trading digital asset solution.

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The platform is principally designed for a range of business sizes e. Our issuance and secondary products eliminate administrative overhead within asset lifecycles, automate compliance, enable liquidity in illiquid markets commercial real estate etc.

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Founded in Singapore and has a network of contributors in China, Hong Kong, Korea and Malaysia.

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