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In one aspect, the hacker had a valid point. The entire premise of the DOA was that it needed no human intervention. Additionally, one of the core features of any blockchain is its supposed immutability and inalterability. Specifically, the attacker offered 1 Million ETH and BTC to each node that refused the update. Hard Fork Proposal Foreseeing that the hacker had the upper hand in the scenario, ETH developers began to explore more aggressive options. Eventually, a group within the ETH community recommended a hard fork.

What Is Ethereum Classic? Ethereum Classic is an open-source blockchain-based platform that supports smart contracts and decentralised applications dApps. Here we should note that smart contracts are essential features in the blockchain technology sector. They are defined as self-executing digital applications that run according to predefined terms of an agreement.

The hard fork would roll back all ETH transactions to seconds before the attack occurred. The ETH Community Splits This proposal was met with staunch opposition. The entire point of a blockchain is to facilitate unalterable and immutable transactions. ETH Price Actions During DAO Hack It was argued that ETH worked exactly as it was intended and that the update was not needed. Rather the DOA was programmed incorrectly and the losses were the result of that.

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The hard fork would introduce edits made by a centralized governing authority within the ETH ecosystem. Decision is Made In the end, a new version of the Ethereum mainnet entered the market on July 20, Ultimately, the hard fork instituted an irregular state change that erased the DAO theft.

The hard fork split the Ethereum blockchain. The original chain of transactions would now go by the name Ethereum classic, whereas the new crypto would adopt the Ethereum title. Long Term Effects The decision to go through with the hard fork would have reverberations throughout the crypto market. Eventually, it would lead to ETH-based platforms being shunned within the security token space.

Regardless, ETH still remains the top platform for Dapp development today. Despite the drawbacks, ETH managed to regain market confidence following the attack.

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Due to the way that Ethereum is mined, transactions can occur much faster. Real-time cryptocurrency market cap rankings, trading charts, and more. The Ethereum Reddit has just passed subscribers. Fees for takers in bitcoin investieren forum range from 0. What happens at the end of my trial? Compare Standard and Premium Digital here. Ethereum Classic is probably a buy right now as it has proved to us that it can break out into new all-time highs. On top of that, even if Ethereum Classic sinks, it has the potential to remain higher than it was before.

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Suggesting it can accumulate a lot more in the long-term. A key thing to look into is the adoption of Ethereum. If more people start to trade ETC and businesses start to accept it or use the platform for their businesses, it will be safer and more likely to make you money. So, it looks like after a bit of an unlucky start, things can only get better for Ethereum Classic.


Conclusion: So, Is Ethereum Classic A Good Investment? With different advantages, such as its unaltered nature and limited supply that can enhance scarcity and demand, Ethereum Classic could be a good investment. That said, Ethereum Classic is lagging compared to Ethereum in terms of user adoption, Initial Coin Offerings ICOsand DeFi growth. Even ETC Google searches lag behind compared to other coins.

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Search interest in Ethereum blue and Ethereum Classic red over the last 12 months. Source: trends. Many believe that unless Ethereum Classic switches to proof of stake these attacks may continue. But hey, investing in ETC in is not a bad idea at all. All you have to do is analyse its risk-reward potential and decide for yourself if you should add ETC to your portfolio! Remember that apart from holding, you can also start trading ETC and take advantage of both upward and downward price changes.

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Key Points If you remember anything from Should I Invest In Ethereum Classic? Is It A Good Investment? Ethereum was launched in by visionary Vitalik Buterin who wanted to expand the use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies beyond peer-to-peer payments.

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Ethereum Classic was created in after a split within the Ethereum community following the infamous DAO hack. Ether is the native crypto of Ethereum Classic, denoted as ETC.

Ethereum Classic continues to upgrade to become more interoperable with Ethereum and other blockchains. Thus, though ETC is currently ranked 38th, Ethereum Classic is worth watching as prices may go up in the next few years. That said, buying ETC or trading CFDs of crypto pairs remains risky, so always do your research and exercise due diligence. FAQs Still have questions about Ethereum Classic?

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Maybe these frequently asked questions will help. What Is The Point Of Ethereum Classic?

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The point of Ethereum Classic is to create a smart contract and dApps platform with a different approach and philosophy to Ethereum. Ethereum Classic practices the Code is Law philosophy, believing that blockchains should not be manipulated for any reason. What you need to know about it and why it's not just another bitcoin Published Sun, Jul 4 AM EDT WATCH LIVE As institutional investors become more comfortable with bitcoin, many have also taken an interest in ether, the native currency of the most widely used blockchain-based development platform, as they seek further diversification beyond bitcoin.

It powers a whole world of new applications, from decentralized finance DeFi projects to nonfungible tokens NFTs.

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Here's what you need to know about investing in ether beyond its price and market cap, and why it's not another bitcoin or a bitcoin replacement. Ethereans Fracture Jul 23, The Flame Wars begin in subreddits.

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As economically-charged vitriolic spats begin to take hold of the participants as it comes to terms with the reality of the split.

Der Ethereum Kurs tendiert bullisch.

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Mit dem neuen Jahreshoch in konnte Ethereum die psychologisch wichtige Grenze überwinden. Die Bitcoin-Dominanz korrigierte zuletzt, Ethereum konnte wieder zulegen und die Outperformance von BTC abschwächen.

Doch kleinere Gewinnmitnahmen und eine gewohnt hohe Volatilität dürften den Ethereum Kurs in den nächsten Wochen begleiten. Hier fungierte zuletzt ein wichtiges Support-Niveau.

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