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investiere in bitcoin kenia

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So, what exactly is Bitcoin, and how can Kenyans invest and earn from it? What is Bitcoin?

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Bitcoin is often referred to as a virtual or digital currency and one of the popular cryptocurrencies in the world. In some parts of the world, you can use it to pay for products and services.

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Bitcoin works just like your traditional Kenyan shilling. This makes Kenya one of the biggest bitcoin trading countries in the world, beating other key bitcoin nations such as the Philippines and South Africa.

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There has been a steady increase in traded bitcoins from January to Augustwith August seeing an all-year high in trading While on one hand, the transparency of bitcoin is extremely useful for e-commerce to do quick and hassle-free transactions, while; on the other hand, this anonymity of crypto users has been the cause of several crimes in the country such as money laundering and illegal activities.

Kenya being a massive crypto country has a number of crypto exchanges present. In this crowd, finding the right yet credible crypto-bitcoin exchange was hard.

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Hence, people settled down on scam and fraud exchanges for exchanging their precious cryptos. As a result, Kenyan investors lost huge sums of money on the closing and collapsing of these exchanges without informing.

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The high volatility of nature also proved as a major problem for Kenyans. Crypto investing is not yet available in all US States.

All you need is to create a bitcoin account online as illustrated below, look for GENUINE Kenyan Bitcoin sellers, purchase your bitcoin using mpesa wallet, and receive them in your app account. Below is a simple guide on how to join, buy, use, and benefit from investing in Bitcoins. UPDATE: LocalBitcoins is shutting down.

For a complete list, visit www. Within the U. Securities and Investment Products are not FDIC Insured and May Lose Value. Wie kein anderer rede ich als FinanzFabio über die Finanzen in der Schweiz.

Als Finanzplaner mache ich live im Podcast echte Finanzberatungen mit echten Menschen.

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